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Uticaj navodnjavanja na svojstva černozema

dc.creatorBelić, Milivoj
dc.creatorPejić, Borivoj
dc.creatorHadžić, Vladimir B.
dc.creatorNešić, Ljiljana
dc.creatorBošnjak, Đuro
dc.creatorSekulić, Petar
dc.creatorMaksimović, Livija
dc.creatorVasin, Jovica
dc.creatorDozet, Dušan
dc.description.abstractIn the climatic conditions of the Vojvodina Province drought is a regular phenomenon. It occurs every year and lasts shorter or longer period significantlyinfluences the reduction of plants yield. In those conditions irrigation is a big advantage in food production. The aim of irrigation is not only to eliminate the deficit of water, but to contribute the more intensive agriculture production as well. Inaddition of great advantages, the use of water in irrigation process may also give some undesirable results on the soil properties. Considering the fact that, the experiments of irrigation influence on yield of cultivated plants have been carried out at theInstitute of Field and Vegetable Crops for more than twenty years, the aim of this investigation was to determine the influence of irrigation on properties of chernozem soil. In the paper, the results of the comparative investigation on the properties of soilchernozem in conditions with and without irrigation were presented. The basic chemical soil properties adsorptive complex, mechanical composition, the content of salts in the soil, the quality of irrigated water were investigated. On the basis of theinvestigated results there were not found out any significantly influence of irrigation on the change of properties of the soil chernozem.en
dc.description.abstractU radu su prikazani rezultati komparativnih istraživanja svojstava černozema u uslovima sa i bez navodnjavanja. Ispitivana su osnovna hemijska svojstva. adsorptivni kompleks, mehanički sastav,sadržaj soli i kvalitet vode za navodnjavanje. Na osnovu rezultata istraživanja nisu utvrđene značajnije promene svojstava černozema u uslovima višegodišnjeg
dc.publisherInstitut za ratarstvo i povrtarstvo, Novi Sad
dc.sourceZbornik radova Instituta za ratarstvo i povrtarstvo
dc.subjectquality of irrigated wateren
dc.subjectsalts contenten
dc.subjectkvalitet vode za navodnjavanjesr
dc.subjectsadržaj solisr
dc.titleInfluence of irrigation on the properties of the chernozem soilen
dc.titleUticaj navodnjavanja na svojstva černozemasr
dc.citation.other(38): 21-36

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