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A new method for the proportion estimation in edible oil blends: sunflower and rapeseed oil35
Rezultati proizvodnje NS uljane repice u 2019/20. i preporuka sortimenta za 2021/22. godinu33
Efficacy of new herbicides for johnsongrass control in maize33
Breeding of climate-smart crops at IFVCNS32
Achillea clypeolata Sibth. & Sm. essential oil composition and QSRR model for predicting retention indices32
Rubbery taproot disease of sugar beet in Serbia associated with 'Candidatus phytoplasma solani'30
The effect of heat stress on some main spike traits in 12 wheat cultivars at anthesis and mid-grain filling stage29
Identification of biomarkers in hydrosoluble extracts from spelt and wheat cultivated in different production systems28
Rezultati NS sorti strnih žita u 2019/20. sezoni27
Dobre poljoprivredne prakse i tehnologije za ublažavanje dejstva prirodnih nepogoda u proizvodnji uljane repice u Srbiji26