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      Accumulation of toxic metals in the vegetative parts of wheat [1]
      Achievements and future directions of Sunflower breeding and the selection of hybrids for the 2002 sowing season [1]
      Achievements and future prospects of NS confectionery breeding program [1]
      Achievements and prospects in sugar beet breeding [1]
      Achievements in breeding annual forage crops in Serbia [1]
      Achievements in breeding autumn-sown annual legumes for temperate regions with emphasis on the continental Balkans [1]
      Achievements in broomcorn breeding [1]
      Achievements in NS rapeseed hybrids breeding [1]
      Achievements in research on vavilovia (Vavilovia formosa (Stev.) Fed.), a legume crop wild relative [1]
      Achievements in sunflower breeding for resistance to broomrape [1]
      Achievements in sunflower breeding for resistance to diseases, broomrape and insects [1]
      Achievements of sunflower breeding [1]
      Achillea clypeolata Sibth. & Sm. essential oil composition and QSRR model for predicting retention indices [1]
      Activity of nitrogen assimilation enzymes in soybean seedlings infected with hemibiotrophic fungi [1]
      Adaptability and stability of new soybean genotypes [1]
      Adaptability and stability of NS sugar beet varieties grown in different agroecological conditions [1]
      Adaptabilnost i stabilnost novih genotipova soje [1]
      Adaptabilnost i stabilnost NS sorti šećerne repe u različitim agroekološkim uslovima gajenja [1]
      Advances in development of transgenic resistance to beet necrotic yellow vein virus (BNYVV) in sugar beet [1]
      Advances in the production and utilization of alternative crops achieved at Department of hops, sorghum and medicinal plants of Institute of field and vegetable crops [1]