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      Gain of processed alfalfa seed at the Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops 1997-2000 [1]
      Gajenje i iskorišćavanje lucerke i deteline [1]
      Garlic production from the aspect of planting material [1]
      Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry system applied to determine botanical origin of various types of edible vegetable oils [1]
      Gema and Šarac: The first Serbian cultivars of spring feed faba bean (Vicia Faba) [1]
      Gema i Šarac - prve srpske sorte jarog stočnog boba (Vicia Faba) [1]
      Gene banks for wild and cultivated sunflower [1]
      Gene banks for wild and cultivated sunflower genetic resources [1]
      Gene effect and combining abilities for plant height and head diameter in sunflower [1]
      Gene effect of leaf angle and petiole length in the F1 and F2 generations in sunflower (Heliantus annuus L) [1]
      Gene effect, combining ability and heterosis in sunflower morphophysiological traits [1]
      Gene effects and combining abilities for oil content in sunflower [1]
      General (GCA) and specific (SCA) combining abilities in sunflower [1]
      Generation mean analysis of yield components and yield in tomato (lycopersicon esculentum mill.) [1]
      Genetic advance and regression analysis in sunflower [1]
      Genetic analysis and adaptability of important agronomic traits in a two half-sib groups of maize [1]
      Genetic analysis of another culture response in wheat genotypes [1]
      Genetic analysis of broomcorn yield components [1]
      Genetic analysis of cob weight and grain yield (Zea mays L) [1]
      Genetic analysis of drought adaptive traits in maize synthetic populations [1]