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      Earliness as a criterion for selection of spring barley cultivars for the environments of southeast europe [1]
      Early shoot and root growth dynamics as indicators for the survival of black poplar cuttings [1]
      Eastern Europe Perspectives on Sunflower Production and Processing [1]
      ECOBREED participatory trials for organic soybean production in Serbia [2]
      Ecological importance of electrical devices innovative in the process of anti Ambrosia artemisiifolia L [1]
      Economic analysis of wheat production and applied marketing management [1]
      Economic Feasibility of Chemical Weed Control in Soybean Production in Serbia [1]
      Economic gain obtained by choice of specifically-adapted sunflower hybrids for cropping [1]
      Economic importance, biological properties, cultivars and production practices of sunflower [1]
      Economic justification application of medicinal plants in cosmetic and pharmacy for the drugs discovery [1]
      Economic value, characteristics and production technology of oilseed rape [1]
      Economic value, characteristics and production technology of soybean [1]
      Economical productivity of maize genotypes under different herbicides application in two contrasting climatic conditions [1]
      Economically important oilseed flax - NS Primus [1]
      Economically important virus disease of pepper in Serbia [1]
      Economics effects of irrigation in plant production [1]
      Economizing the fertilization practice in the conditions of global crisis [1]
      Editorial: Advances in Oil Crops Research-Classical and New Approaches to Achieve Sustainable Productivity [1]
      Efekat azota i Nitragina na prinos soje i sadržaj proteina [1]
      Efekat biouglja na morfološka svojstva kukuruza i soje [1]