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      A comparative study of ancient DNA isolated from charred pea (Pisum sativum L.) seeds from an Early Iron Age settlement in southeast Serbia: inference for pea domestication [1]
      A comparison of different methods to remove dissolved oxygen: Application to the electrochemical determination of imidacloprid [1]
      A comparison of methods for assessment of soil weed seed-bank in the long-term crop rotation [1]
      A new association of ruderal weeds at Pančevački Rit in Serbia [1]
      A New Concept to Secure Food Safety Standards against Fusarium Species and Aspergillus Flavus and Their Toxins in Maize [1]
      A new dry pea cultivar: Javor [1]
      A new experimental hybrid of cabbage suitable for early production [1]
      A new generation of NS forage crop cultivars [1]
      A New Line of Winter Garlic in Bosnia and Herzegovina [1]
      A new method for the proportion estimation in edible oil blends: sunflower and rapeseed oil [1]
      A potential use of wild pea as a source of lower trypsin inhibitor activity [1]
      A rapid test for detection of tribenuron-methyl resistance in sunflower [1]
      A review of domestic and foreign legislation regulating limit values of heavy metals in soil [1]
      A simple and rapid electrochemical sensing method for metribuzin determination in tap and river water samples [1]
      A study of correlations and path analyses of some traits in sunflower parental lines [1]
      A study of variability of alfalfa yield components using principle component analysis [1]
      A summary of previous research on sulphur [1]
      A Validation Model for Prediction of Kovats Retention Indices of Compounds Isolated from Origanum spp. and Thymus spp. Essential Oils [1]
      Accumulation of heavy metals in Medicago sativa L. and Trifolium pratense L. at the contaminated fluvisol [1]
      Accumulation of toxic metals in the vegetative parts of wheat [1]